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50 Ways to lose weight (3)

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50 Ways to lose weight (3)

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¬£49 for the 4 weeks including all the workouts with us, use of gym in between, diet plan and us being on top of you to make sure you’re doing what you should be doing on your diet

  • Workouts run 2 x week at 7am & every evening at either 7/730pm plus Saturday morning 9am. All 45 mins
  • You’ll be doing weights – bench press, deadlift, squats plus a few others, then we’ll do 10-12 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training with some core & ab work
  • Diet. We’ll work with you to come up with a personalised diet plan, & have you check in with us to make sure you’re doing it!
  • You have access to the 10,000 sq ft gym the rest of the time to use if you wants and access to all the classes as well¬†