Welcome to Fitness4All, the place in Bollington for fitness. Gyms can be scary and intimidating places for lots of people. We understand that. It takes a lot of courage for someone to walk in saying they want to make changes. However, we pride ourselves on our friendliness, informality and sense of community.

Unfortunately though lots of gyms make you commit to 12 month contracts – even if this isn’t right for you – leading to a culture of failure. Many people have signed up to a gym for 12 months, had an induction and basic programme written for them and then been left to fend for themselves and ultimately forgotten about.

Fitness4All is different; in fact our memberships are more flexible than ever! We now have more options for you when it comes to get getting started here at F4A. As there is no head office or anyone dictating to us we can offer the most flexible memberships in the area. Call in to have a chat to see what we can do for you or check out the website.

So we make sure you get the results you want and, just as importantly, enjoy yourself at the same time.

Once you walk in through our door we are there for you. We are committed to providing you with the motivation and the support network to help you move forward and make real changes for yourself.

Meet The Team

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Chris Rowlands, Manager

I’ve literally done nothing else since I was 16, nothing. No other jobs apart from the Fitness Industry, 17 years later I still love every single second of it.


Mike Mason, Personal Trainer

I’ve worked in the Fitness Industry since I was 16 and have been at Fitness4All for 5 years now. In the last couple of years I’ve both competed at Body Power in a physique competition and finishing 3rd in the GBPFF North West Powerlifting Competition.


Amy Rowlands, Operations and Gym Instructor

Keeping F4A running Amy works behind the scenes (well on reception) to keep F4A ticking. Amy also qualified as a Fitness Instructor in 2013 and runs our Gym Floor Live workouts on the gym floor.

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Linda Rowlands, Personal Trainer

Former Swimming Teacher and Aquarobics Instructor of 17 years Linda has made the transition as part of the family business to Personal Trainer. Also qualified in GP Referral, NLP and Obesity and Diabetes Management.

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Jack Draper, Personal Trainer

Jack’s been at Fitness4All since 2015 bringing his expertise and knowledge of endurance events whilst studying for a degree in Physiotherapy at UCLAN.